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Listen to our elders speak on aspects of traditional life and issues central to our culture.

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When We Moved
Stories of Mishamikoweesh

ᑳᐱᒫᒌᑯᓯᔮᐣᑭᐸᐣ | When We Moved features a collection of oral recollections from when the community of Kingfisher Lake First Nation moved from Mishamikoweesh (Big Beaver House) to its current location in 1965. The volume includes each story in Oji-Cree, using the Cree syllabic writing system, and English translation, as well as a glossary. You can also listen along with the app, Kingfisher Lake Stories.

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Oji-Cree Bible Project

Our local diocese of Mishamikoweesh has chosen to translate the Bible into Oji-Cree so that our communities can have God’s Word in our own language. We are planning to make each book of the Bible available as it is completed, beginning with the Gospel of Saint Mark. The translation is intended to be understandable to speakers of Oji-Cree and have the same meaning as the original texts when Bible was first written.

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Kingfisher Lake has a long tradition of hymn singing using Cree hymnals, and shares a unique style of country gospel music which plays an important role in the spiritual lives of people across the region. Our hymns project currently features the “white” hymnal (ᑳᐋᐧᐹᐠ) sung by Zipporah Mamakwa, who is working to preserve the old tunes she learned from her elders, and provide a way for people to learn syllabics the traditional way -- by singing along.


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